-- icon texture sets 77 & 78 --

Hello everyone after a long break!
I know I've been off again for such a long time, please understand that I have entrance exams coming again this spring so I've been trying to focus on studying. I hope these following icon texture sets will be the kind of stuff you like!

Also, regarding links from my blog to my deviantART: I got some messages telling that the links from my blog to deviantART the ads but I wasn't aware of the fact that the advertisements could be somehow harmful (except that, I know, it's annoying to click one link again to finally be able to arrive to the actual download link of my textures) because this website I'm using to create shorter URLs seems a trustworthy one. This is also a way for me to earn money as I make a lot of textures and get a lot of clicks from people downloading them - so why not make at least little money for all the time I put on these textures?

I am very apologetic though for not asking before if this bothers anyone - IF it does bother some of you, PLEASE message me/comment on some of the entries and I will replace the links asap.

Back to the world of textures, here are two brand new icon texture sets for you. Please enjoy!

Set 77 - Novelty on Paper

Set 78 - Strikning

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-- big texture set 73 --

Hiya, after a long break! I was in Korea for 3 weeks this June and after i got back from there, i was quite depressed and missed that darn awesome country. I want to go back there asap! So anyway, this week i've tried to work on some big textures, so, here they are! Nothing special about them, just... PURE RANDOMNESS, that is, a real mess.

Set 73 - Pure Randomness

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-- icon texture set 72 --

Hello again after a long break! 25 days until my trip to Korea, so, this might be the last texture set in the next few months. I'll stay in Korea for three weeks, so i'll be off for quite a while.
If i decide not to make anymore textures this spring, i wish all my supporters a bright and happy summertime! (and wintertime to the ones who live on the other side of the globe (: ). Hopefully the weathers will be pleasent for everyone!

Here's the latest icon texture set. Enjoy! (:

Set 72 - Pink Spree

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-- icon & big texture sets 67, 68 & 69 --

I promised you guys texture set with big textures, so, i also will make you guys a big texture set.
I've lately noticed that a lot of my big textures suck (these do -_-;), so i'll try to improve my skills a bit in the future.
But i'll quit babbling - i hope you like these new sets!

Set 67 - Echo of Lights

Set 68 - Flowing Clouds

Set 69 - Blurry Paranoia

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-- icon texture set 66 --

Okay so my school is finally over and i am free to do whatever i want for at least a while (: I'll be trying to make many many many texture sets for you guys. I want to make big textures again!!!! Anyway, i hope you enjoy these for now (:

| 40 icon textures (100x100)

Set 66 - Colors on Friday

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-- icon texture set 65 --

It's great to post new icons after such a long while! 
Only two weeks of school (final exams~ >:) and after that i'll be free to do something else as well! 
But i hope you'll enjoy this set (: And i hope you won't mind the linkbucks ad.

| 25 icon textures (100x100)

Set 65 - Pink Spring

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